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You build ML models to perfect your retail inventory forecasts, optimize your staffing levels, improve customer experiences, and make smart sales predictions.

Let us train your data to make this transformation precise, quick, and cost effective.

Complete data training solutions to power your AI/ML models

We lable, annotate, and prepare datasets of images, video and text data that feed into your machine learning models.

We deliver Natural language processing (NLP) including text classification, text analysis, and product category modeling.

Why choose Traindata?

High quality

We sift through your data, label them, annotate them, and create high quality datasets that feed into your machine learning models to give you precise and unbiased business solutions.

Speed and cost

We train your data swiftly and cost effectively to help you go from concept-to-testing your machine learning models quickly

Security and control

We handle your data with utmost care and security and give you real-time (predefined) updates on each project.


We possess deep expertise in use cases including search relevance and personalization for over 15 years.